Enter the mesmerizing world of hypnosis as you join us for an unforgettable night of non-stop laughs and astounding entertainment. Discover the mysteries of hypnosis as you watch your fellow audience members unlock their hidden star potential. Or you may be fortunate enough to witness firsthand the power of hypnosis if you are one of the chosen few to come up on stage. Either Robert Saviola, owner of Buffalo Hypnosis, or Melissa Barnes, inventor of hypnosis for the Deaf, will be your master hypnotist for the performance.

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volunteers at a hilarious stage hypnosis show

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Another party with another DJ... another comedian... another magician... By tomorrow, the event's forgotten.

You want something different for your next event, something your guests will remember for years to come.

Stage Hypnosis: a sure-fire hit

Your guests will love the show because it's all about THEM! The audience become the stars of the show. The volunteers on stage have a blast experiencing hypnosis and tapping into their own creativity. The rest of the audience are riveted by their performances.

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  • Corporate banquets
  • Christmas parties
  • State Fairs
  • Fundraisers

Stage Hypnotist Robert Saviola Stage Hypnotist Melissa Barnes

Robert Saviola

As the owner of Buffalo Hypnosis, he has hypnotized literally thousands of people to positively change their lives. Best known for his covert waking hypnosis, he is able to hypnotize most anyone, anywhere, at anytime. He has dynamic charisma, biting wit, and everything you could want in an entertainer!

Melissa Barnes

With over 20 years experience in stage hypnosis, she has performed hundreds of shows and hypnotized thousands. Her shows were sold out at both regional and national hypnosis conventions. Named Hypnotist of the Year in 2000, she is one of the top hypnotists in the country today.

hypnosis subject plays guitar volunteers hypnotized on stage

"Two hours filled with non-stop laughter!"

"Lots of fun and great entertainment!"

"Definitely the highlight of our event!"

"Haven't laughed that hard in years!"