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Quit Smoking Lose Weight Reduce Stress
Fed up with smoking or desperate to quit? Already tried the patch, the gum, the pills, the laser, cold turkey, and nothing worked?

Discover the easiest way to quit smoking: Hypnosis! Join the HUNDREDS of happy ex-smokers who quit at Buffalo Hypnosis! It may save your life...


Tired of the extra weight? Clothes too tight? Are you embarrassed or uncomfortable? Even if you've failed before, been on every diet imaginable, and given up hope... you CAN lose weight!

Discover how hypnosis helps you curb your cravings, boosts your desire to exercise, and keeps your motivation going all the way to your goal!


Completely stressed and overwhelmed? Unmotivated and stuck in a rut?

Hypnosis can help you get perspective and get your life on track. Finally, discover the inner peace you've been searching for and get a handle on your life.

You've waited long enough... make the call now.


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Build Confidence Sports Improvement HypnoBirthing®
Lack of confidence holding you back from what you really want to accomplish? Are you limited by your fears?

Whether you want to speak in public like a confident pro or step onto an airplane without dread, hypnosis can help you make the change!


Professional athletes all around the world use hypnosis, so can YOU!

Learn how to get into the zone and improve your game. No matter what your sport, hypnosis gives you the mental edge you've been looking for.


Have you heard enough horror stories from well-meaning friends? Do you want a better birth for your baby AND you?

HypnoBirthing® teaches you how to have an easier, safer, and more comfortable birth by working with your body, instead of fighting it.

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Corporate Speaking
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Our unique training in human motivation can boost your company's bottom line. Allow us to customize an event suited to address your company's concerns.