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Archive for the ‘Weight’ Category

The High Cost of a Low Price

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011 by Melissa Barnes

Would you shop for the cheapest brain surgeon?  No?
Then why would you shop for the cheapest hypnotist?

All hypnotists are not created equal.
You’re not shopping for a toaster.  They don’t sell the same model everywhere you go.  Do you honestly think each place you call is offering identical services?  Of course not. So then how could you possibly compare what they charge?  It reminds me of the story of the two barbers:  The first barber hung a sign in his window that said, “$5 Haircuts.”  The second barber hung a sign in his window that said, “We Fix $5 Haircuts.”  Sometimes I think we should hang a sign in our window that says, “We Fix $50 Sessions.”

Results are all that matters.  Without results, no matter what it costs, it’s not worth it.  Does the hypnotist you are considering have not just dozens, but hundreds of clients willing to vouch for the results they achieved at that office?  Sadly, the majority of hypnotists, while they often have good intentions, could also use a lot more training and experience to consistently get RESULTS.

A good hypnotist can adjust their techniques to fit the client, making sure the client both gets hypnotized and gets results.  Which means that unless you have a very low IQ or are comatose, if you want to be hypnotized, you can be hypnotized.  Yet many people believe they cannot be hypnotized because they went to a hypnotist who needed more training.

Misleading estimates don’t give you the final price tag.
If you called a few mechanics and asked how much it would cost to fix that rattle in your engine, would it really surprise you if they wanted to take a look under the hood before quoting you a price?  And if one of them did give you a price over the phone, sight unseen, would you really trust it?

A person is a lot more complicated than a car.  In order to give you an honest evaluation of what will be required to achieve your goal and how much that would cost, an ethical hypnotist absolutely must meet with you face-to-face.  Think about it: if a hypnotist works with your subconscious mind, which by definition works outside your conscious awareness, then how can you possibly give us the information we need over the telephone if it is outside your conscious awareness?

And yet many inexperienced hypnotists, again often with the best intentions, will give you an hourly rate over the phone without even meeting you.  It may seem like a good deal at first, but if you have to go back hour after hour with no end in sight, you can easily rack up a much higher cost than you had expected and still not get the results you wanted.

At our office, we offer a free screening, so we can meet you face-to-face and determine the right plan of action for you.  We can then customize a program for you based upon that evaluation, so you will know the final cost for the whole process, not just an hourly cost for an unknown number of sessions.  And we back our work with a written service guarantee, so if you ever need additional help with your original problem, you can get reinforcement for free!

Penny wise, pound foolish.
You know the saying: You get what you pay for! And yet you’ve probably still fallen prey to the temptation to save a little money.  Usually if you try the cheaper option first, it doesn’t work, and you end up buying the better option after all.  Except now you’ve wasted money on the cheaper option instead of going straight to what works.

I’ll tell you the truth.  There are hypnotists who are cheaper than us.  I know how much they charge because our office is filled with clients who tried them first and told us how much they had already spent.  Then they had to pay a second time to work with us.  But if you see our clients’ written or video testimonials, you’ll notice those same clients saying again and again: “I wish I came here first.”

Have you considered how much money it costs you to keep your problem longer?  If you’re a smoker, every day that you don’t quit is one more day of wasting money on cigarettes.  If you have a weight problem, one more day spending money on vending machines, take-out, and bigger clothes.  No matter what your goal, your problem costs you in money, time, and emotional distress.  How long can you afford to delay before you finally solve your problem?

But I can go to a hotel seminar and pay only $50.
Do you like playing the lottery?  Sure, it can be fun, but I hope you’re not counting on your lottery winnings for retirement.

Hotel seminars are the hypnosis equivalent of the lottery.  There could be 200 people at that seminar, each paying $50.  That makes it a $10,000 session, and you share the cost with 199 other people!  These large group sessions are the least effective of all hypnosis sessions, so only a few lucky people will actually get results.  Many of them never even get hypnotized.

If you want to risk $50 on a spin of the roulette wheel, go right ahead and take your chance.  But just because a group hypnosis seminar didn’t work for you, don’t think you can’t be hypnotized or that hypnosis doesn’t work.

Success is priceless.
A good hypnotist knows their service is worth more than what you pay your hairdresser.  Any hypnotist who charges less may feel that their sessions aren’t worth very much.

Remember this: a low price may carry the high cost of thousands of dollars worth of a lifetime of cigarettes, added food costs, pain, suffering, poorer quality of life, major health risks, and even death when you choose price over success.

The question is: are you looking to solve your problem or looking for a cheap hypnotist?

It’s all about the outcome.  Is your outcome to achieve your goal, or is your outcome to spend as little as possible?

Gastric Bypass is This Century’s Lobotomy

Monday, March 7th, 2011 by Melissa Barnes

One day we will look back at bariatric surgeries such as gastric bypass with the same horror and disbelief that we now look back on the lobotomy.

Don’t believe me? Now discredited, the lobotomy was once held in the same high regard by medical doctors. The inventor even received a Nobel Prize for creating the lobotomy. In its heyday in the 40′s and 50′s, doctors in the US performed an estimated 40,000, more than any other nation. Marketed heavily, people even asked for a lobotomy to cure their depression, anxiety, and fears. Sadly, some were even occasionally done to reform defiant children or subdue political dissidents. All without any research or evidence as to the long term effects. Thankfully, the procedure fell out of favor as doctors wised up to the fact that slicing into the brain in order to improve a patient’s behavior was a drastic, permanent, and irreversible solution that often caused more harm than good. But too late for the thousands who had been guinea pigs for this dangerous experiment, including famously Rosemary Kennedy whose lobotomy at age 23 left her a vegetable for the rest of her life.

Fast forward to today, and we find that surgically removing part of the stomach and intestines is the new fad cure for weight gain. What was once the last resort for those whose morbid obesity had become life threatening has now become the easy solution for anyone who’s ever struggled to lose weight.

Did you realize that gastric bypass kills 5% of patients within the first year after surgery? That’s 1 out of 20. Do you really want to take that risk if you could get results some other way?

Doctors are also finding that gastric bypass can cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). It only makes sense that if you remove part of the digestive system, then the pancreas, which is doing its proper job and releasing the proper amount of insulin for the stomach you should have, is now releasing too much insulin for the smaller stomach surgery has left you. So the suggested solution for these patients…? That’s right: surgically removing part of the pancreas.

What other problems will be linked to gastric bypass as time goes on? What long term health problems will these patients suffer from as they age? Who knows? The most commonly performed gastric bypass procedure was first done in 1993. It took 40 years for medicine to rethink its position on the lobotomy.

A simplier, less risky solution to weight problems… lifestyle changes. And if you need help motivating yourself to stick to your plan, hypnosis can help. Most importantly, hypnosis is noninvasive, safe, and has no side effects. Phone us at (716) 874-9050 to schedule your free screening today, and discover if hypnosis just might be the safer alternative for you too.

How are those New Years Resolutions working out for you?

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011 by Robert Saviola

If you are like most people, you planned to either quit smoking or lose weight once the holidays were over and the New Year arrived. Well here it is mid-January and you are either still smoking, or haven’t lost a pound. With most of us it is the same story every year.

What would it be like if you could easily put down those cigarettes or candies and keep your New Year’s resolution? Well you really can, with our help.

Aren’t you tired of feeling uncomfortable in your clothes because they are too tight and you feel like you are being confined in them? We cannot live in pajamas and sweat pants forever. Wouldn’t it be nice to go out again feeling and looking wonderful in loose fitting clothes? As for you smokers, imagine keeping your paycheck instead of giving it to the tobacco companies. Those companies prey on your self-imposed weaknesses. You can stop smoking.

Picture you: breathing clearer, looking better, and feeling younger. All this and more is right at your fingertips here at Buffalo Hypnosis. You can do this now before summer gets here, or suffer all year while you fool yourself into believing that next year you will quit smoking, next year you will lose the weight. The choice is yours. Be a nonsmoker now, be slimmer and trimmer before summer, or continue to suffer. Phone us at (716) 874-9050 to schedule your free hypnosis screening today, before you allow another day to pass. Take action now, the life you save is your own.

Your Genes are Just an Excuse

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010 by Melissa Barnes

Have you ever told yourself that you’re doomed to be fat because you have bad genes? “I can’t help it, everyone in my family is overweight.” Or maybe you believe that depression runs in your family and you’re powerless to change your brain chemistry.

Boy, have I got great news for you! Scientists are discovering that while our genes may be fixed, glued to our DNA are switches that turn genes on or off. And what signals those switches to turn on or off? Our experiences! So while you may not be able to change your genes, you can change your thoughts, feelings, actions, and sensory experiences, which in turn have the power to change how your genes express themselves.

I won’t delve too far into the technical details of the science (if you’re curious, you can read more in Carl Zimmer’s ebook: Brain Cuttings). Basically one kind of switch (methyl groups) cap the gene and prevent it from being read. Another kind of switch (coiling proteins) either tighten or loosen the spools of DNA, allowing genes to be exposed or hidden. So in rearranging the pattern of which switches are on and which switches are off, we can change the way our brains and bodies work. The most dramatic example of this is when someone with Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly Multiple Personality Syndrome) can have personalities with different eye color, different eyeglass prescriptions, and even different allergies or illnesses. Even identical twins, who therefore have identical genes, develop differences through their life experiences.

When comparing the brains of people who were depressed and committed suicide with the brains of people who died of natural causes, there are consistent physical differences. In the past, this would have been used as evidence that the physical differences caused the behavioral result. This is the rationale for using antidepressants to correct brain chemistry. But what if it happened the other way around and the brain chemistry is the result and not the cause? What if life experiences caused the physical result?

A neurobiologist at McGill University has been studying how experience can reprogram genes. They can create the same changes seen in those human brains in rat brains by changing the rats’ experiences. And they’ve also found that it’s not just our childhood experiences that switch genes on or off, but our adult experiences as well.

This is great news for anyone who wants to change their life. There’s nothing stopping you! You CAN become the person you’ve always wanted to be. So if you’re interested in creating change in your life without resorting to surgery or drugs, which only treat the symptom and not the cause, call Buffalo Hypnosis now for your free hypnosis screening and discover if hypnosis is right for you: (716) 874-9050.

So Christmas is almost here and another year has passed…

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010 by Robert Saviola

Remember last year how you said you were going to lose the weight. You told others that you were fed up. You were tired of going places wearing sweatpants. You haven’t tucked your shirt in for years. But here you are still struggling with the weight.

By allowing yourself to suffer with too much extra weight, you not only disrespect yourself, but you are also disrespecting your spouse, your children, and most of all God.

Why have you been suffering for so long? Some people just ignore the weight. They dissociate from their bodies by distracting themselves with daily activities. The only time they realize they have a problem is when they pass by a mirror, dress for a party or important event, or purchase new clothes. It is at these times that the pain of the excess weight kicks in. Once these times pass, they go back to ignoring the problem.

Some people feel that they were destined to be fat, that there is a fat gene because others in their family are fat. Allow me pose this question to you: Were there any fat people in the World War II concentration camps? The answer is no. Not one person imprisoned there was heavy. It’s not your genes.

Being overweight is a mental state. Mental state dictates physical state. It is that simple. Dietitians and nutritionists know how to eat properly, but many of them are overweight. Why are they overweight? Because weight loss has more to do with mental state than it has to do with food. People who undergo gastric bypass surgery will eventually stretch their stomachs back to regain the weight. Why? Because the surgery has nothing to do with changing the person’s mental state. The surgery changed only the physical state. In other words, the surgery addressed the symptom, not the cause. Hypnosis addresses the cause, not the symptom. This is why there are thousands of people who have gone through our method of hypnosis weight loss programs successfully and have kept the weight off.

If you’ve decided you suffered enough with this excess weight and you are serious about becoming slimmer, we may be able to help you.  The first step is to call our office at (716) 874-9050 to schedule a free hypnosis screening. We will give you 30-40 minutes privately with one of our highly experienced staff. Who knew weight loss could be so enjoyable? Just read our client testimonials and find out for yourself. Or suffer through another year of excess weight and the pain it causes. The choice is yours.

“But I Have a Very Active Job…”

Monday, November 22nd, 2010 by Melissa Barnes

I hear variations of this excuse all the time from people who try to rationalize not exercising: “But I’m active all day at work.” or “I’m on my feet all day; I never sit down.” or my favorite excuse: “I get a lot of exercise from gardening.”

My standard reply would have to be: “How’s that working for you? Are you the weight you want to be?”

To get results from physical activity, it must raise your heart rate for an extended amount of time. The kind of activity people get at their jobs or while gardening is not continuous activity. It starts & stops too much to keep the heart rate elevated. Are you a little out of breath while working or gardening? Probably not. Then it’s not exercise, not the kind that will burn fat. And if you’ve been at the same job long enough, your body has become used to that activity – it’s not changing anything anymore.

The good news is you CAN lose weight with exercise and keep it off. And it’s not about the calories you burn while you exercise. It’s about how the exercise changes your metabolism, so you burn more calories all day long (even while working and gardening).

Even if you think you’re too tired at the end of the day for more activity, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that regular exercise gives you MORE energy, helps you sleep better at night, and relieves stress throughout the day. And even better, you can get great physical activity without stepping foot in a gym. Walking, biking, dancing, and what if you made it FUN?

Read more about exercise and burning fat in the amazing hard-to-find book, How to Lower Your Fat Thermostat by Dennis Remington, Garth Fisher & Edward Parent. (We have copies in stock).

Call Buffalo Hypnosis at (716) 874-9050 to schedule your free screening and find out how hypnosis can help you motivate yourself to exercise and stick with it.

*Remember to consult with your doctor before starting any exercise program.*