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The High Cost of a Low Price

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011 by Melissa Barnes

Would you shop for the cheapest brain surgeon?  No?
Then why would you shop for the cheapest hypnotist?

All hypnotists are not created equal.
You’re not shopping for a toaster.  They don’t sell the same model everywhere you go.  Do you honestly think each place you call is offering identical services?  Of course not. So then how could you possibly compare what they charge?  It reminds me of the story of the two barbers:  The first barber hung a sign in his window that said, “$5 Haircuts.”  The second barber hung a sign in his window that said, “We Fix $5 Haircuts.”  Sometimes I think we should hang a sign in our window that says, “We Fix $50 Sessions.”

Results are all that matters.  Without results, no matter what it costs, it’s not worth it.  Does the hypnotist you are considering have not just dozens, but hundreds of clients willing to vouch for the results they achieved at that office?  Sadly, the majority of hypnotists, while they often have good intentions, could also use a lot more training and experience to consistently get RESULTS.

A good hypnotist can adjust their techniques to fit the client, making sure the client both gets hypnotized and gets results.  Which means that unless you have a very low IQ or are comatose, if you want to be hypnotized, you can be hypnotized.  Yet many people believe they cannot be hypnotized because they went to a hypnotist who needed more training.

Misleading estimates don’t give you the final price tag.
If you called a few mechanics and asked how much it would cost to fix that rattle in your engine, would it really surprise you if they wanted to take a look under the hood before quoting you a price?  And if one of them did give you a price over the phone, sight unseen, would you really trust it?

A person is a lot more complicated than a car.  In order to give you an honest evaluation of what will be required to achieve your goal and how much that would cost, an ethical hypnotist absolutely must meet with you face-to-face.  Think about it: if a hypnotist works with your subconscious mind, which by definition works outside your conscious awareness, then how can you possibly give us the information we need over the telephone if it is outside your conscious awareness?

And yet many inexperienced hypnotists, again often with the best intentions, will give you an hourly rate over the phone without even meeting you.  It may seem like a good deal at first, but if you have to go back hour after hour with no end in sight, you can easily rack up a much higher cost than you had expected and still not get the results you wanted.

At our office, we offer a free screening, so we can meet you face-to-face and determine the right plan of action for you.  We can then customize a program for you based upon that evaluation, so you will know the final cost for the whole process, not just an hourly cost for an unknown number of sessions.  And we back our work with a written service guarantee, so if you ever need additional help with your original problem, you can get reinforcement for free!

Penny wise, pound foolish.
You know the saying: You get what you pay for! And yet you’ve probably still fallen prey to the temptation to save a little money.  Usually if you try the cheaper option first, it doesn’t work, and you end up buying the better option after all.  Except now you’ve wasted money on the cheaper option instead of going straight to what works.

I’ll tell you the truth.  There are hypnotists who are cheaper than us.  I know how much they charge because our office is filled with clients who tried them first and told us how much they had already spent.  Then they had to pay a second time to work with us.  But if you see our clients’ written or video testimonials, you’ll notice those same clients saying again and again: “I wish I came here first.”

Have you considered how much money it costs you to keep your problem longer?  If you’re a smoker, every day that you don’t quit is one more day of wasting money on cigarettes.  If you have a weight problem, one more day spending money on vending machines, take-out, and bigger clothes.  No matter what your goal, your problem costs you in money, time, and emotional distress.  How long can you afford to delay before you finally solve your problem?

But I can go to a hotel seminar and pay only $50.
Do you like playing the lottery?  Sure, it can be fun, but I hope you’re not counting on your lottery winnings for retirement.

Hotel seminars are the hypnosis equivalent of the lottery.  There could be 200 people at that seminar, each paying $50.  That makes it a $10,000 session, and you share the cost with 199 other people!  These large group sessions are the least effective of all hypnosis sessions, so only a few lucky people will actually get results.  Many of them never even get hypnotized.

If you want to risk $50 on a spin of the roulette wheel, go right ahead and take your chance.  But just because a group hypnosis seminar didn’t work for you, don’t think you can’t be hypnotized or that hypnosis doesn’t work.

Success is priceless.
A good hypnotist knows their service is worth more than what you pay your hairdresser.  Any hypnotist who charges less may feel that their sessions aren’t worth very much.

Remember this: a low price may carry the high cost of thousands of dollars worth of a lifetime of cigarettes, added food costs, pain, suffering, poorer quality of life, major health risks, and even death when you choose price over success.

The question is: are you looking to solve your problem or looking for a cheap hypnotist?

It’s all about the outcome.  Is your outcome to achieve your goal, or is your outcome to spend as little as possible?

How are those New Years Resolutions working out for you?

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011 by Robert Saviola

If you are like most people, you planned to either quit smoking or lose weight once the holidays were over and the New Year arrived. Well here it is mid-January and you are either still smoking, or haven’t lost a pound. With most of us it is the same story every year.

What would it be like if you could easily put down those cigarettes or candies and keep your New Year’s resolution? Well you really can, with our help.

Aren’t you tired of feeling uncomfortable in your clothes because they are too tight and you feel like you are being confined in them? We cannot live in pajamas and sweat pants forever. Wouldn’t it be nice to go out again feeling and looking wonderful in loose fitting clothes? As for you smokers, imagine keeping your paycheck instead of giving it to the tobacco companies. Those companies prey on your self-imposed weaknesses. You can stop smoking.

Picture you: breathing clearer, looking better, and feeling younger. All this and more is right at your fingertips here at Buffalo Hypnosis. You can do this now before summer gets here, or suffer all year while you fool yourself into believing that next year you will quit smoking, next year you will lose the weight. The choice is yours. Be a nonsmoker now, be slimmer and trimmer before summer, or continue to suffer. Phone us at (716) 874-9050 to schedule your free hypnosis screening today, before you allow another day to pass. Take action now, the life you save is your own.

Are cigarettes addicting?

Friday, November 12th, 2010 by Robert Saviola

How many times have you heard that cigarettes are addicting?

Do you believe it? If you do, then quitting becomes difficult.

I do not believe cigarettes are addicting at all.  There are 657 pages in the Surgeon General’s report on nicotine and cigarette smoking; never once does it say that nicotine is physically addicting. The report says that we believe, it suggests, we feel, but never says it is. You see, nicotine just doesn’t meet the criteria of a physical addiction. Cocaine and heroin are considered physically addicting. Give a cocaine or heroin addict their drug of choice in any form and they feel fine. Give a smoker nicotine in any other form besides a cigarette and they are not fine, or the patch would be 100% effective.  People would become addicted to nicorette gum, yet no one has. We’ve all heard of crack babies, have you ever heard of a baby needing a cigar? Of course not. How could smoking only be addicting from 7 AM to 11 PM? If a smoker was taking the same amount of cocaine or heroin as tobacco every day, they would not be able to sleep through the night. A smoker will sleep right through the night unless they need to go to the bathroom or get a drink of water, and only if they stay up long enough will they have a cigarette.

Well, if smoking is not physically addicting, then what is it? It is a habit. That is why a person can walk into a hypnosis office a smoker and walk out a non-smoker.

The patch, nicorette gum, acupuncture, laser are all under 10% effective. Chantix claims to be up to 25% effective, but with nasty side effects. Many say that once they stop taking Chantix, they start smoking again.

When a person quits cold turkey, years later they may still crave cigarettes. When quitting through hypnosis, our clients report that cravings usually go away very quickly.

When a person quits cold turkey, while out with friends who smoke, they wish they were smoking too. When quitting through hypnosis, our clients report that while out with friends who smoke, they are thinking how wonderful it is to be a non-smoker.

When a person quits cold turkey, they usually substitute smoking with food, thus gaining weight. When quitting through hypnosis, our clients report that they either maintain or lose weight, unless they were under weight, then they normally put on healthy weight.

What is the down side to quitting through hypnosis?
There is no down side!