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Enjoy home-like comfortable settings in any of our three hypnosis suites.

The Staff:

All hypnotists at Buffalo Hypnosis are certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists. We use a time tested, cutting edge method of hypnosis, developed after literally thousands of client sessions and refined down to what actually GETS RESULTS. No other office in the area uses this hypnosis method.

We help 50-100 clients each week and are one of the most successful hypnosis offices in the country. No other office in the area has the sheer experience that we do. If you needed heart surgery, would you want a surgeon who performed the procedure a few times a year, or one who did it every day?

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The Free Screening:

Buffalo Hypnosis offers a free screening appointment to determine whether or not we can accept you as a client. Not everyone is accepted into a program. Our sessions are in high demand, and we do turn people away if they are not motivated or sincere enough.

At your screening, we evaluate your needs, determine if hypnosis is right for you, and put together a customized program just for you. We will explain what hypnosis is (and isn't) and what your individual program will include. All of your questions are answered at the screening, including your customized program fee. (Sorry, fees cannot be determined over the phone or via email, not even ballpark amounts, and it would be unethical to do so.)

Call now for your free screening appointment: (716) 874-9050.

The Sessions:

All sessions at Buffalo Hypnosis are private, individual sessions in your own hypnosis room. (We do have the facilities to do sessions with two clients at once if requested).

The Proof:

When you come in for your free screening, you will see videos from real clients - just like you - who achieved their results here. You will read our HUGE binders with hundreds of written testimonials from real clients who lost weight, stopped smoking, lowered their stress, and reached many other goals right here in our office. No other office in the area has this kind of proof.

Preview just a few of the many testimonials from our past clients. You could be the next success story...

The Guarantee:

Human behavior cannot be ethically guaranteed and is dependent on many variables, including your attitude, motivation, cooperation, and session attendance.

At Buffalo Hypnosis, we offer the strongest guarantee in the business: OUR STAY WITH IT GUARANTEE! Regardless of how many sessions needed to attain your desired results and goals, we stay with you until you are successful. We offer a written service guarantee.

You have nothing to lose... except your problem!

The Facilities:

client reclining in hypnosis chair Buffalo Hypnosis is located in the Elmwood Medical Center, directly across from the Kenmore Mercy Hospital. We provide you a professional office setting, specifically designed with your results in mind. We do one thing, and one thing only, in our office: HYPNOSIS! And we have arranged the ideal setting for your sessions.

Each private hypnosis room has everything you need to relax and easily enter hypnosis. The recliners are so comfortable, clients often tell us they don't want to leave!