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Want to help people? Earn good money in your spare time? You too can join the exciting and fulfilling field of hypnosis. With this course you will enhance your hypnosis education with advanced hypnosis techniques and information, mentor with the experts in building your hypnosis knowledge and getting client results. Clients get a great discount. Space is limited - call now!

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Want to have extra tools in your hypnosis tool box? NLP is an excellent compliment to the hypnosis profession. Allow yourself the ability to use NLP to increase your client results. Be taught by the experts in the field right here at Buffalo Hypnosis.

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Want to earn an executive income while helping others improve their quality of life? Then this practice building course is for you. Be efficient in the office, get the best clients results, and massive testimonials. Learn how to market effectively. Make your money work for you.

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The High Cost of a Low Price
June 7, 2011 by Melissa Barnes

Would you shop for the cheapest brain surgeon? No? Then why would you shop for the cheapest hypnotist? Remember this: a low price may carry the high cost of thousands of dollars worth of a lifetime of cigarettes, added food costs, pain, suffering, poorer quality of life, major health risks, and even death when you choose price over success.


Gastric Bypass is This Century’s Lobotomy
March 7, 2011 by Melissa Barnes

One day we will look back at bariatric surgeries such as gastric bypass with the same horror and disbelief that we now look back on the lobotomy. Don’t believe me? Now discredited, the lobotomy was once held in the same high regard by medical doctors.


How are those New Years Resolutions working out for you?
January 11, 2011 by Robert Saviola

If you are like most people, you planned to either quit smoking or lose weight once the holidays were over and the New Year arrived. Well here it is mid-January and you are either still smoking, or haven’t lost a pound. With most of us it is the same story every year.


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Cheektowaga Man Loses
48 Pounds of PAINFUL FAT!

Lee Before

client lost 48 pounds fat with hypnosis

Lee After

“I am a police trainer and a retired police officer. My name is Lee Ruth. After coming to Buffalo Hypnosis, I lost 48 pounds. I am 7 inches slimmer in my waist, and went from a pant size of 45 down to a pant size of 38. I look great!

“My success was fast, easy, and effortless.”

“I tried other weight loss programs and lost 20 pounds but gained 43 pounds back. It was too much hassle. The small portions never seemed to be enough, and I was always hungry. After coming to Buffalo Hypnosis, my friends say I look great and want to know how I did it! My cholesterol is way down, from around 200 to the mid 130’s. My blood pressure is the lowest in years and I feel fantastic. The weight came off so fast that a friend thought I was terminally ill. Now, I was skeptical at first, but the results took my skepticism away. The change in my behavior was almost immediate.”

“I am now in control of when and what to eat.”

“As a police trainer, I should look my best. If you are going to ‘talk the talk’, you better be able to ‘walk the walk’. I make a better impression as a thin, healthy person, and since my students are forced to be in good shape, I should be in good shape too.”

“Buffalo Hypnosis has not only assisted me in obtaining my goals, but trained me to ‘stay the course’. The weight problem is gone. I am recommending Buffalo Hypnosis to many of my friends.”

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